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OSPF6 Routing Daemon Failure

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I've just test DNS anycast on NIOS 8.4.8, here im testing on IPv4 and IPv6. i've already configure both ip anycast and also start the DNS services. There is no issue with DNS anycast IP everything works as expected. But i have problem with the IPv6 Anycast. In the grid i can see that the member status that i configure says "An OSPF6 routing daemon failure has occurred.". The other feature that i use in this test is Advance DNS Protection.


here are the sympthom:

1. After i enable the ip anycast, i try to ping the anycast IP and it's reply

2. About 5-10 seconds after, this message occur on the gui

3. then i try to ping the anycast again, it shows destination unreachable.

4. then i try to disable the IPv6 anycast and enable it. the issue still occurs.


If anybody here have tried the same and found the solution.



Re: OSPF6 Routing Daemon Failure

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This question should be addressed by our tech support department as it requires troubleshooting and review of the device support bundle. 





Re: OSPF6 Routing Daemon Failure

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This is known issue that ospf v3. So the solution is to set stub area for the IPv6 so that infoblox does not need to receive the advertisement.


This is not happening to ospv ipv4 and bgp.



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