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DNS queries to forwarder server

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Hello team,

I want to create a report to know how many queries per second we are sending to a forwarder server.

Any idea how to get this?

Re: DNS queries to forwarder server

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Assuming you have reporting. A quick and dirty way would be to use ib:dns:stats, subtract referral from success at a per member level and it will tell you out of the successful queries how many required recursion. 


If you want to go into greater detail you will need to take into account your cache hit ratio.


For an absolute number you would require query logging and then parsing out the queries to the forwarder(s) and counting them

Re: DNS queries to forwarder server

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@pponte : 


If the forwarder is an Infoblox DNS server within the forwarding member's grid infrastructure & if you have a reporting server within grid with DNS indexing enabled, you may use the DNS Query rate by member  dashboard & filter for queries from the forwarding member to get the approximate QPS of the recursive queries being forwarded.


While what i have mentioned is just one of many possibilities, you could craft a solution based on what you have in your grid infrastructure. Like, do you have query logging enabled (Do not enable without consultation, if not already) ? Do you have a data connector virtual machine within the grid ? Do you have a reporting server within your grid with DNS summary indexing enabled ? etc.. 

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