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how to customize a report in Infoblox?

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Hello Dears,

how can I customize a report in infoblox in order to have a report which I can have available free range of some specific containers.

Re: how to customize a report in Infoblox?

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Hello Saeedhagh.


What is the specific use-case ? Did you try ‘IPAMv4 Network Usage Statistics’ dashboard available ?

Best regards,


Re: how to customize a report in Infoblox?

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I am running the IPAMv4 Network Usage Statistics and while the report says that it had 23,400 events, and I chose 'unlimited' in the export, the export only included 10,000 records. 

Here is the query.  Can you help me with this so that the export includes all 23,400 hits?

sourcetype=ib:ipam:network index=ib_ipam | eval dedup_key=view."/".address."/".cidr | dedup dedup_key | eval NETWORK=address."/".cidr | lookup network_ea_lookup_csv NETWORK, NETWORK_VIEW as view output EA | spath input=EA output=MSSITE path=BUILTIN-MSSite | eval MSSITE = if(isnull(MSSITE), "(no_value)", MSSITE) | mvexpand MSSITE | eval utilization=round(utilization/10, 1) | mvcombine MSSITE | sort -utilization | rename timestamp as Timestamp, view as "Network view", address as Network, cidr as CIDR, MSSITE as "AD Site", utilization as "DHCPv4 Utilization %", address_total as Total, address_alloc as Allocated, address_reserved as Reserved, address_assigned as Assigned, protocol as Protocol, allocation as "Utilization %", address_unmanaged as Unmanaged | table Timestamp, "Network view", Network, CIDR, "AD Site", "DHCPv4 Utilization %", Total, Allocated, Reserved, Assigned, Protocol, "Utilization %", Unmanaged

Re: how to customize a report in Infoblox?

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I believe it's because you have "| sort -utilization" in the search.
Here "sort" limits the ouput to the top 10K results by default.
Change it to "| sort 0 -utilization" and that should do it.

Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas

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