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Recursive DNS outbound vs local queries

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Didn't see this in the Recursive DNS Performance & Troubleshooting dashboard.   Is there a dashboard or could one be created that reflects recursive outbound queries that are destined for the internet? Or a dashboard that reflects local internal DNS queries vs  outbound/internet queries?


Easy to create?  Kindly educate me.  Thansk in advance.


-jim borstock

SE Infoblox

Re: Recursive DNS outbound vs local queries

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Hello Jim,
We could 
1) build a lookup table that list all the internal domains
Report would then allow to get for internals or external or both:
- top domains
- EDNS disabled
- EDNS reduced to 512
- LAME delegation 
- Top fetches per zones
2) do query and response logging, adds 
- response time
- top clients
3) we cannot get these data filtered:
- top fetches per servers
- recursive cache size
- client quota
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Re: Recursive DNS outbound vs local queries

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This dashboard titled "Recursive DNS Performance & Troubleshooting" compliments of Nicolas Jeanselme, reflects DNS client info, DNS performance, and problem indicators.  Met the mark for my customer, hope it helps yours.


Re: Recursive DNS outbound vs local queries

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This is an awesome dashboard! Has it been updated since version 5?

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