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#2849: Skipping error displays when applying licenses



Customer gets "skipping" error message when trying to apply a license to a NIOS appliance. For example, "0 licenses installed. Error(s): Skipping DHCP license egAAAikLTlalP932ByWC+74kMoPdGA==. Expires sooner or has the same expiration as the existing license."



All NIOS appliances



NIOS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x




Customer tries to apply the same license twice to the same appliance.




The "skipping" error message appears when a license has already been applied to the appliance and you try to apply the same license a second time.

To determine whether the license has already been applied, go to the CLI and issue the show_license command.

If the show license output displays the correct license expiration date, the license has already been successfully applied. You do not need to apply it again.

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