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The area will be,,,, or depending upon where in our environment it exists. Which is why I was using (x.x.x.x|y.y.y.y) as a selector.
Take a look here Let me know if you have any questions
Thank you both. I wanted to have it as a rule and plicy compliance, but as I understood this isn't possible so I created the script mentioned above. Thanks
Why kind of data are you looking to get? You can look at putting the data into ...
Post a small sample of a CSV file so I can get a better idea Just post what you want the end result to look like
Problem: You have to make a few API calls to gather this information. First, yo...
Can you post the process it will need to do in order to back up the additional configs?
Hey Sif, It's tabbed correctly - I can verify by running the same code in pytho...
Hi MAdkins, this is great. I somehow remebered such an option but I was kind of blind to find the command on the CLI. Now I think this will solve my problem. I'm going to adapt my CCS scripts and report back. Thank you so much! Regards Christoph

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