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Sorry for the delay. I have a rule on my Outlook account that carefully files v...
I have a customer that did not have access to run a Python Script so I came up ...
Ok so I just upgrade from 73.1 to 7.3.2, PIP and my modules are still working great Keep in mind I'm running a VM NetMRI and a VM Sandbox
Thanks Sif, I have *assumed* the explanations you give but have run into situat...
Looks like this was not working on my switch but my Router gave me some more in...
I thought this was Python It wasn't enough code to tell the difference between Perl and Python for me, lol Glad it worked. -Lon.
Likewise, share it out to your NAC system (Cisco ISE supported OOTB) to automate the quarantine of the infected system or to your vulnerabily scanner for clean up.
If you are like me at some point you got psyched that Python was coming to NetM...

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