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Implement HA in Different Appliance

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Dear all,


Would like to know if 2 different appliance can implement to HA? 




Primary - Trinzic 825

Secondary - Trinzic 1405


Both in same NIOS version.

uld Re: Implement HA in Different Appliance

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For HA Pair, it's recommend to use the same exact spec. but in term of upgrade or refreshment it is possible to use different model for temporary purpose.

Re: uld Re: Implement HA in Different Appliance

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You can do this, but I wouldn't advise doing it for any length of time. You probably won't be supported by Infoblox unless you are doing a hardware refresh or upgrade.


Sometimes you need to run different models when you are doing a hardware refresh, you refresh one node at a time so as to maintain services with no, or little outage, but that means for a period of time you will be running with different models in your HA pair.

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