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Hi, If you have the Infoblox IPAM driver and agent installed on your Openstack,...
Hi, You can combine multiple WAPI calls to achieve your requirement using the /...
Hi, Thanks for responding. How can the child zone be obtained from the authorit...
this solution works well, thank you. after creating the zone, with my custom MNAME, I import contents from another server and the MNAME is overwritten. Is there a way for me to use WAPI to change the MNAME in the resulting zone?
Hi, Is there an image you have added to your post? I don't see it. Could you please attach it again? Regards, Krishna
Thanks a lot @ Krishna for your help.
Hi, Are you trying to search for the fixed address based on the MAC address? If...
Thanks for the help. As requested .. error with quotes: This XML file does not ...
Thank you for posting that it could be just the thing to give inspiration to someone who needs it! Keep up the great work!
Hi Krishna, Thank you for your response. In situations where there are multiple record types (A, PTR, TXT) tied to an address, is there a playbook that can be run to clear all the records at once by reclaiming the IP address?

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